Frequently Asked Questions

If all goes well, usually around the 1st of April.  Keep in mind the Highline Canal (GVWUA) fills first and takes about a week to fill.  Once it fills water is turned into the Price Ditch (PID) which takes a couple of days to fill.  Then the “pump” is started and water is lifted into the Stub Ditch (MCID) so MCID usually has water to users about April 10th

Around the 31st of October depending on the weather.  Please remember the canals were established for the use of watering crops years ago.  If the weather has been dry late summer /early fall water is left in the canal system to allow growers to water one more time before winter.

Water is allotted by the acres of land owned, about 5 gpm per acre, which isn’t a lot.  When land is developed, the total number of acres for that particular subdivision is allowed the 5 gpm per acre IE if the subdivision included 10 acres it has 50 gpm to be divided among all the lots within the original acres of land.

There is a map of Mesa County Irrigation District’s (MCID) boundaries attached to this website but may not accurately show the boundaries because of mapping overlays.  Irrigation water is delivered to the “original point of diversion” for that property. If you have any questions please call 970-260-3920 and we’ll be happy to discuss the area in question with you.  Please keep in mind only part of a piece of property may have irrigation water and the rest may not depending on elevations.

At the present time MCID water rates are two tiered structured.  For property 1 acre or less it’s $34.  For property over an acre it’s $34 for the 1st acre and $28 for every acre or part of over the 1st acre.

If you own property with a dedicated easement attached to it, MCID has the right to maintain that that canal/ lateral as need as needed.  That may require daily access or very little depending the on the importance of the structures or valves in the area.  Please keep this in mind when installing landscaping, fences, or structures.  If you have any questions please call us.

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