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Approximately 1,700 landowners are served by the Mesa County Irrigation District

MCID’s boundaries encompass approximately 2,300 acres; about 900 acres are irrigated. MCID’s water rights are allocated to the acreage within the District’s boundary. When land ownership changes, the water stays with the land. Water assessments are collected by the Mesa County Treasurer as part of the property taxes levied on irrigated lands within the District.


We will turn the water on April 7th - 10th, 2021

Board Meetings

2nd Wednesday every month at 6pm

Clifton Community Hall
126 2nd Street
Clifton, Colorado 81520

Please contact us for a spot on the meeting agenda to address the Board with problems or concerns.

Assessments for the first acre and less are $34 per year. Rates for any acreage above the first acre is $28 per acre or fraction thereof.
Open Ditches
The District is not responsible for operating or maintaining open ditches. Those that use or can use those ditches are responsible for preparing them for the irrigation season by April 1st. This includes cleaning them from trash, debris, weeds and sediment. If a ditch is not ready to accept water by April 1, the District may refuse to deliver irrigation water.
Formed in 1906

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